mercredi 13 janvier 2010

amère angostura


angostura crisis hits manhattans (ny post, 13 janvier, 2010)

the classic cocktail has gotten harder to find as a worldwide shortage of one of its key ingredients, angostura bitters, has left big apple bartenders and barflies hoarding what little is left of the pungent brew.

"people should drink the manhattans while they can still get them," said william tigertt, owner of the lower east side haunt freemans restaurant. "all the distributors are still out and are rationing bottles."


for legendary new york barkeep tracy westmoreland, owner of the defunct siberia bar and the manhattans in brooklyn, the loss of any kind of drink ingredient is devastating, but none more so than the beloved bitters.

"i believe it is the end of civilization as we know it if we can't have bitters," he said. "it's like when the saber-tooth tiger went extinct. it's a terrible thing.

"there is no replacement. trying to replace bitters is like trying to replace mother's milk."

(new york post, via gawker)

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